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• Curl and lift your lashes like a pro with J.Cat Beauty Curl & Lift-Up Eyelash Comb Curler. Combination of comb attached to the curler, it is convenient and easy to use.

• Not to mention, it’s incredibly pain-free to curl and lift the lashes perfectly without pinching or crimping. For an ultimate flawless look, finish with J.Cat Beauty Love Live Lash Primer and one of the Mascaras.


1. Tilt your head back and looking down to grip the base of the lashes with the eyelash curler.

2. Press down and gently squeeze and pulse for about 10 seconds.

3. Repeat if necessary.

4. Apply mascara as the final step.

5. Make sure to wipe any excess of mascara and disinfect J.Cat Beauty Curl & Lift-Up Eyelash Comb Curler for future usage.

**PRO TIP : Curling the tip of the lashes will enhance the curl and hold the curl in place longer.


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